Questions about your genes?  

GenCipher Genetic Counseling and Genomic Health Consultation provides the most current, accurate and easily understandable genetic information to individuals and physicians.

Consultations with Sharon Reid Altmeyer, an independent, board certified genetic counselor, are provided over the phone or via a web-based telemedicine platform to protect privacy.

Reasons to schedule a consultation

  • I need help deciding which at-home genetic test to take.
  • I have taken an at-home genetic test through a company like 23 & Me, Ancestry DNA, Genos and others and I have questions about the results.
  • I have taken an at-home genetic test and want to have the raw data analyzed.
  • I have run my raw data through a third party software like Promethease, LiveWello, SelfDecode or GeneticGenie and I’d like to know what it means.
  • I have cancer in my family and I’d like to know if I am at risk.
  • I have cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease or another chronic illness in my family, am I at risk?


For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit the Contact page.

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“Sharon took a very thorough family history, provided education and guidance to help me make a decision to move forward with genetic testing. She fully explained the test results and provided information to all my physicians to keep them informed. I would recommend Sharon to others. She was very supportive and kind during a stressful time for me.”

-AL, client, inherited cancer risk assessment


“Sharon is a wellspring of knowledge from her extensive experience in applied genetics in various fields. Most notably, she has tremendous analytical skills, and can interpret data remarkably well. In addition to being knowledgable, she is equally approachable and highly collaborative. Moreover, her passion for providing cutting-edged care for her clients is self-evident. Sharon is a pleasure to work with!”

-Kayla Mandel Sheets, LCGC, Founder and CEO of Vibrant Gene LLC, Independent Genomics Consultant and Genetic Health Video Podcaster


“Sharon was very knowledgeable about leading me through the process of getting the most information out of each gene entry, particularly about the evaluation of the references in ClinVar. She was very thorough, making sure I was familiar with one concept before moving on to the next.”

-JT, client, direct to consumer whole exome sequencing interpretation


“Some months ago I had occasion to consult Sharon Altmeyer about the possibility of myself or one of my family carrying the Lynch Syndrome gene.  A nephew with stage four pancreatic cancer had just been diagnosed with it and we were advised to check ourselves.  From the start Sharon was a wonderful genetic counselor.  She was very thorough, very professional and kept us well informed along the way.  I would definitely recommend her and give her my highest rating.”

-SF, client, inherited cancer risk assessment